everyones a know it all!


                              nicole wahts your sign ??


                               yeah white told me to meet her tonight


          brb littletaker beak lol


                              she almost had me peeing my pants i was                                                           laughing so hard


                               shes a sweetheart


                               huh me..


                               yes she is


                               think my ex lived by Murphy's  #44


                               nicole 528 is gemini


                               im a Gemini




                               i can't wait to meet her in person


14)     ?                  6c.      <Nicole528>

                               5-28<--- hehe


15)     B/                 8a.     <TheGods>



16)     C/       /\10    6d.     <Nicole528>

                               thanks aqua lol


17)     G/      /\13    3d.     <AquarianBlue>

                               your meeting her judy? when?


18)     B/                 9a.     <IroquoisPrncess>

                               i love my sis, whiteligt


19)     C/       /\18    5d.     <judythejedi>



20)     D/       /\17    5e.     <judythejedi>

                               not sure of the date, but her agent is working on it


21)     C/       /\11    2b.     <dingo42>

                               ok nicole its in the air


22)     C/       /\18    5f.      <judythejedi>

                               me too prncess


23)     G/      /\21    6e.     <Nicole528>



24)     G/      /\20    3e.     <AquarianBlue>

                               will she be in west palm or throughout florda


25)     A/                 1b.     <gina2b>



26)     D/       /\24    5g.     <judythejedi>

                              she'll stop in west palm , then i'll take her to Miami for a seminar


27)     G/      /\23    2c.      <dingo42>

                              its in the AIR


28)     G/      /\26    3f.      <AquarianBlue>

                               she wont be in orlando?


29)     C/       /\26    3g.     <AquarianBlue>

                               sniff sniff


30)     D/       /\27    6f.      <Nicole528>

                               oh yea ok


31)     D/       /\28    5h.      <judythejedi>

                               i don't think so..she's bringing amtrack down maybe


31a)   G/      /\27    6g.     <Nicole528>

                              whats your sign dingo?


32)     F/                 10a.    <Night-Goddess_>

                               anyone cool in here?


33)     A/       /\32    5i.       <judythejedi>

                               hi night


34)     D/       /\32    3h.      <AquarianBlue>



35)     D/       /\32    5j.       <judythejedi>

                               everyone is cool here   


36)     D/       /\32    6h.      <Nicole528>

                              is cool lol


37)     A/       /\35    11a.    <poopaloo>

                              10ty judy


38)     D/       /\32    6i.       <Nicole528>

                               is cold too


39)     ?                  12a.    * sara4u

                               I LOVE YOU TO MUCH.......ACARD


40)     B/                 13a.    <jijirika>

                               is back


41)     D/       /\32    15a.    <tazdevil144>



42)     C/       /\40    3i.       <AquarianBlue>

     **                      wb jiji          

                                        (welcome back to jinirika)

43)     B/                 14a.    <safetynet10>

                               OK NOW CORN ON THE COB YUMY


44)     ?/                 10b.    <Night-Goddess_>

                               oh really?

                    responding to question of who is "cool in here" #32

45)     C/       /\40    5k.      <judythejedi>

                               wb jiji

                                        (welcome back to jinirika)

46)     C/       /\26    9b.     <IroquoisPrncess>

                              judy you are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


47)     D/       /\31a   2d.     <dingo42>

                              im a libra..much scorpio with it...astrlogist after al;l


48)     B/                 4b.     <Seoni>

     **                      brb littletaker beak lol


49)     B/       /\46?   10c.    <Night-Goddess_>

                               I is not cool


50)     C/       /\49    5l.       <judythejedi>



51)     C/       /\49    6j.       <Nicole528>



52)     C/       /\49    10d.    <Night-Goddess_>

                              I is awsome


53)     C/       /\52    6k.      <Nicole528>

                               yes your cool


54)     C/       /\46    5m.     <judythejedi>

                               lol..i know prncess


55)     C/       /\47    6l.       <Nicole528>

                               cool dingo


56)     C/       /\47    1c.      <gina2b>



57)     G/      /\54    9c.      <IroquoisPrncess>

                               hey Judy did a get my car inthe link  thingy


58)     B/                 10e.    <Night-Goddess_>



59)     B/                 10f.    <Night-Goddess_>



60)     C/       /\47    6m.     <Nicole528>

                               im a gemini with tauras moon and scorpio rising


61)     C/       /\55    2e.     <dingo42>

                               not cool...just me


62)     B/                 13b.    <jijirika>

                               climbs back up the tree


63)     G/      /\57    5n.      <judythejedi>

                               car in the link?


64)     A/                 15b.    < tazzytaz1o1>

                               is Outta here!


65)     A/                 16a.    <tazdevil144>

                               so hows every one to day


66)     D/       /\63    9d.     <IroquoisPrncess>



67)     A/                 15c.    <tazzytaz1o1>



68)     A/       /\67    16b.    <tazdevil144>

                               bye taz


69)     ?                  7b.     <kilya>



70)     G/      /\66    9e.     <IroquoisPrncess>

                              a picture of a card


71)                         ?        * TheGods is still within the tree


72)     A/       /\67    13c.    <jijirika>

                              toodles taz


73)     B/                 14d.    <safetynet10>

                              EVERYONE WANTS THE TRUTH BUT NO ONE GETS IT


75)     B/                 13d.    <jijirika>

    *)                        :)  at da room


76)     C/       /\61    3s.      <AquarianBlue>

    **                       lol@dingo


77)     ?/                 14e.    <safetynet10>

     **                      OMG


78)     C/       /\77    16e.    <tazdevil144>

                               do be so rude


79)     ?                  6y.      <Nicole528>

     **                      lol yea thats a great time for some


80)     B/                 13e.    <jijirika>

                              as she quietly drinks her water


81)     B/                 4e.     <Seoni>

    **                       is confused brb gotta cll the elc company i dont owe them 157                              they can kiss my white ass brb


82)                         2k.      <dingo42>

                              just VERY passionated


83)                         16f.    <tazdevil144>

    **                       lol


84)                         6z.      <Nicole528>



85)                         14f.    <safetynet10>

    **                       LOL ME SEONI


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