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Conversational Analysis of Chat Room Talk PHD thesis by       Dr. Terrell Neuage  University of South Australia National Library of Australia.

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What makes conversation unique is its history. Every moment of communication has a life.  If we take a first meeting with someone in its most basic casual conversation and follow it for the life of that first utterance we could have a life-time of conversation based on those first utterances. 


For example, in January 1980 I was in Sydney at a conference.  I had travelled from the States and was staying at Sydney University.  One evening I stepped out of my room and asked the first person passing by what the time was.  It was our first exchange of words and our first sighting of each other.  Twenty years later I am still affected by the first utterances we made.  In short the other person snapped an answer at me.  We met later at a gathering at the conference.  Months later whilst visiting the States the person who gave me the time in Sydney stopped in to visit me in Baltimore Maryland.  A few weeks later we drove across the States and I put her on a plane back to Adelaide and I went on to Hawaii.  She rang me a few weeks later saying ‘guess what?’  She came to Hawaii, we married, had a son, we all moved to Adelaide, had another child, got a divorce, I became a single parent for the next 16 years and my youngest son recently signed a professional contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers to play baseball and is now in Rookie Camp in Florida. So after 20-years in South Australia, as a result of a casual conversation I will return to the States to see my son play baseball.


Not all casual conversation has quite that life.  Often we forget our passing utterances.  And in the world of online chat casual conversation takes on a newness of utterances and its affects.  However, the same results could be the same as I had.  If I asked someone what time it was and they said it based on wherever in the world they were and I followed and developed the conversation



WHAT - Floyd was a large and intense Cape Verde hurricane that pounded the central and northern Bahama







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