Conversational Analysis of Chat Room Talk PHD thesis by Dr. Terrell Neuage  University of South Australia National Library of Australia.

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For other bibliographies on hypertext see: Neuage.

Chandler. (25 references at end of "Writing oneself in Cyberspace")



Linguistics Resources: Journals and Newletters (a very comprehensive list)

Electronic Journals

College or University Electronic Journals



Gharlane of Eddore describes a 1970's chat system which was used at the university of California. last accessed 6/12/98.

A paper written on sex and IRCs. 1992 Abstract: Logs and survey results from a 1992 research paper about sexuality and marriage on IRC. No author title provided. last accessed 8/2/98.



timing for thesis completion: from supervisor (Jackie Cook)

two - years full time two years part-time

1998 1 year Full Time  1 -year

1999 1 year Full Time  1 -year


2000  1 year Part Time  1/2 -year

2001  1 year Part Time  1/2 -year

submit  end of 2001

1.  Spend 3 months developing Ch. 1 -  Introduction

                                                   Ch. 2 -  literature  review

September - December  2000 HAND INTO CLARIS WOOD, DECEMBER 2000

2.  December - January - February

            improve transcription/analyse techniques (using NUD*ST software)

            for five chat sites:

*     emergency

*     astrology

*     baseball

*     web technology

*     Brit Spheres

3.  March - July 2001  write up findings

4.  Aug - September  add-on chapters for “gaps”

5.  October - December  conclusion

6. January 2002 submit

  1. March 31st 2002 end of candidature

RECENT ONLINE ACADEMIC PAPERS ON CHATROOM ‘TALK’: (note: the numbers are my references in order I am currently referring to them) These papers were on the web as of Monday, October 02, 2000 8:27:56 PM Adelaide South Australia time. FOR A COMPLETE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BELOW AND OTHER PAPERS/BOOKS/ARCTICLES GO TO

1.   A Cross-corpus Vision of Conversation and  1999 [This presents an interface software tool and is available in both French and English] [5082 words 15 pages]

2.   THE INTERNET RELAY CHAT (IRC): LINGUISTIC PERSPECTIVES” © copyright Wernfrid Doell Monday, May 11, 1998.  [NOTE THIS PAPER HAS EXTENSIVE BILBIOGRAPHY and ENDNOTES] [7093 words 21 pages]

3.   From the Chatroom to the Confessional:  A Cross-Contextual Examination of Anonymous Communication”. paper submitted May 1999   http://www.ilstu.ed/~posill/McGuire.htm  [NOTE THIS PAPER HAS EXTENSIVE BILBIOGRAPHY and ENDNOTES]  [10491 words 31 pages]

4.   “Designing for Online Communities: Practical Lessons for Co-Created Spaces” Seybold Seminars Boston/Publishing  '99 Web Publishing Conference.

Friday, March 5, 1999. [11,789 words 21 pages]  The following people from the following sites took place in this...

·     Janice Gjertsen, Digital City New York

·     Moderator

·     Barry Kort, Musenet

·     Scott Walker, Tripod [a leading free website provider]

·     Jenna Woodall, Talk City [ a leading chat site]

·     Audience Q&A

6. “Psychology of Online Virtual Relationships: Relationships?”  [2382 words 6 pages]

7. “Virtual Community Analysis “ Life Within GeoCities [2908 words 6 pages]

8. “Discourse Rhythm in Overlapping Utterances.” Error! Reference source not found..


10. “A MOO-Based Collaborative Hypermedia System for WWW”.

11. “The IRC Prelude”

12. "Which language for Cyberspace?"

13. "On the linguistic nature of Cyberspace and Virtual Communities."

14. "Collegiality in Cyberspace: case studies in computer mediated  communication”.Error! Reference source not found.  [Masters thesis]

















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